Depression: You Will Get Through It!

Depression can be triggered by a turnout of dreadful events, or 3 am thoughts that linger on for the rest of your day, messing up your heart rate, depriving you of precious sleep. Whether you have experienced depression by the former or the latter, it is equally dangerous. It's no way to live looking at the bad side of the world. Feeling as if you're losing your mind or the very thing that makes you human. It's all part of it. All part of the tricks and games, smoke and mirrors that your mind conjures up, distorting your view of the world.

Depression is treatable, and you can recover completely. I'm not saying it's very easy, I'm just saying it's very possible. And suicide, shutting yourself from your family or loved ones isn't the solution. Trust me, you don't want to do that.
Depression can cause sleepless nights, nights spent crying or pondering over what ifs. Hallucinations and lack of concentration are common when it comes to lack of sleep.